Electric motor may lock in some cases

Electric motor can lock in some cases and even burn depending on the stress to which it was subjected

The electric motor is used in several appliances and among them, the electric motor is in the mixer, blender and waxing machine, but as the electric motor is in our daily life it is common that these apparatuses present some problem or defect and this can be caused by overload or Even carelessness.

It is common for the electric motor to brake and so it will stop rotating. This may occur in the electric motor of the blender because it has been used in excess. In the case of the waxing machine, the electric motor may lock because the floor is too waxed so the brushes will not rotate and the electric motor will lock.

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In the same way, the electric motor of the blender can stop if the glass receives an exaggerated load and this will catch the blades that cut and thus the electric motor will not turn. The electric motor can become blocked if its internal conductors overheat and so the electric motor can burn.

SKF electric motor

SKF electric motor is a product that meets the strict requirements of the products developed for use in consumer goods

SKF is a company that manufactures electric motor in order to deliver an electric motor able to meet the rigid requirements of each electric motor design for the consumer goods that the electric motor is intended.

Thinking about this, SKF develops electric motor aiming to deliver an electric motor that makes little noise, operate silently, have a long service life, has high quality, be economical in power consumption, has lower friction and is small.

Who chooses the SKF electric motor can be sure it will be available worldwide, as the company is supported by a comprehensive technical advisory service and so the company is committed to deliver to the customer an electric motor that has excellence as the product and its performance. https://www.mrosupply.com/hydraulics-and-pneumatics/hose-reels/2517753_1185-1124_coxreels/

Important information regarding the electric motor

Important information regarding the electric motor is stored in the best possible way:

So that the electric motor is stored and your bearings present no problems recommending is to be stored in a dry environment with a humidity not exceeding 60%; the electric motor of the storage location should be clean and the temperature can oscillate between 10 and 30 degrees.

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Furthermore, the maximum stacking the boxes the electric motor must not exceed five boxes, the electric motor must be placed away from chemicals and where there steam channeling water or compressed air.

The electric motor must not be stored on green wooden pallets, or wedge them into wall or stone floor.

It is essential that the electric motor is more time saved is always used in front of the electric motor that is less time in stock.

Know what can happen to an electric motor that is long standing

It is common that the electric motor is not used soon after being purchased. For this reason, it is essential that the electric motor is stored in a location that will not interfere with the electric motor efficiency, because the electric motor may have a drop in their oxidation insulation resistance in electric motor bearings. baldor JL5003A

If the electric motor remains inactive for a time, the weight of the rotor shaft makes it expels the grease out of the area where the sliding surfaces of the bearing and thus is removed from the film that prevents the metal from contact with the metal.

To prevent the electric motor suffers with the formation of corrosion between contact bearings, the electric motor should not be left near machines that vibrate or axes that are rotated manually performed at least once in the month.

Promoting electric motor

Find promote electric motor in the physical and virtual stores, both are working with the sale of these products and providing favorable conditions for payments and also discounted prices that can vary according to the type of payment that the customer will make.

Offers and promotions electric motor can occur at any time and it all depends on when you will buy. Prices largely depend on the product that you need, and there are options for many types of processes. The main types of electric motors are single phase and three phase, each is designed for a different type of final application.


The electric motor’s function is to make a transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy. Today, we have numerous processes that rely on this feature in order to function, so that the use of the engine is being increasingly used. Promotions are not hard to find, but requires the person to search for enough to be able to find.

Cheap electric motor

To find cheap electric motor is necessary to check prices in different stores, so you will find one that will offer an interesting promotion for the product you need. Please be aware that prices vary greatly according to the type of engine that each customer is in need.

When doing research prices on the market the customer has to have knowledge about what kind of machine it needs. The engine characteristics and the brand are key details to determine the final value of it. So, define what kind of product you need.


Another option for finding cheap electric motor is getting the model used. But it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of the product to be aware of the conservation of the same, if it is worth, be sure to be getting. Often the products are with great states and much more affordable than brand new models.